Saturday, September 27, 2014

Tower of London Poppies

Was a tourist yesterday in London and the main reason for going was to see the poppies in the Tower of  London. Just a couple of photos I took. There are 888,246 ceramic poppies being 'planted' in time for Remembrance Sunday, one for each British fatality in the First World War. Had the same impact on me that the War Cemetery in Cassino, Italy did. No word needed.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

SexTape and Other Stuff!

Does my absence mean I've been busy? Hell yeah it does! But have neglected my blog, so flying visit to catch up on a few things. Will be back later to catch up on everyone else's things!

So, ot my own Sex Tape ;) I hear you all breathing a sigh of relief LOL! Went to see this film a couple of weeks ago at The Odeon. Last day of the 2 for £10 tickets. Had collected a few over the summer with the Kids Club Shows, so 6 of us went. It was funny - some laugh out loud moments - but I think we enjoyed more because we went as a group and could relate some of the embarrassing moments! No, so not sharing those moments!

Jeff back at work after his holidays, I wish we could win the lottery so he didn't have to - he however is probably grateful for the break from all of us!

New business nearly at the registration stage!!
Been doing a few craft fairs so my shoes and crafts :).
Fostering course starting this week.
Been to the hospital re my hand - as the brace and PT hasn't helped I've got to have a steroid injection, guided by ultrasound, into the wrist. Not looking forward to that, but liking the pain less.
I've signed up for a free online course about children and play.

Boys are back at football.
I'm back teaching 1-2 mornings a week. Forgot how much I hate lesson planning and how much I love teaching.
Provided a rainbow themed sweetie table for a client - they absolutely loved it and want it repeated at least another 2 times.
Just had a weekend away with some fellow crafters, had a lovely relaxing time but paying the price with my wrist now - even writing this is painful.

Think that's it. Photo's to follow :) xx
Monday, September 08, 2014

Sunflowers for Tina

Today a lot of my fellow bloggers are honouring a special blogger who is no longer with us. I didn't know her very well, but whenever I landed on Tina's blog and left a comment it was always acknowledged and a return visit made. There's some lovely tributes to her here and also a blog hop here. I didn't join, I knew that I would not be able to spare the time today to visit people, and where I am I gonna get a sunflower to plant in England in September? Well, I believe if you're gonna do something, do it properly....... But I didn't want to not do anything, so here's to Tina - hope you're finding 'Life is (also) Good' on the other side xx

Quick Monday Make

Ella went back to school on Thursday. The teachers always ask about the holidays. For the last few years we've done the same thing, so it's easy for her to remember - went to France with Uncle Robert and Aunty Jane. But this year, with a stay-cation I knew that she would struggle with remembering what we had got up to.

So I printed some photographs from Costco (do like their quality and the fact I can collect the next day as I have a habit of leaving it till the last minute!). A few weeks ago I had bought a small 6"x4" photo album from a charity shop for a pound, not for a specific project, but for 'one day' (I have too many 'one day' things that haven't yet been used!). So in a couple of hours I created this with punches and scraps of paper. As scrapbooking goes it's very basic. But for Ella to take to school it's perfect. And she loves it!
Friday, September 05, 2014

Stay-Cation Final Instalment

Final part of our stay-cation. We had a lovely time, visiting lots of places and catching up with family and friends. But a big part of me felt strange not spending time with Robert and Jane in France and this is the first year in I can't recount how many that we didn't celebrate my nephew James' birthday with him. Oh well, maybe we'll descend on them again next year!

So, we decided on a last minute short break to Cornwall and took my Mum with us.
We started at Trago Mills - one of Jeff's favourite shopping places! - and then went onto Looe.
We then found where we were staying. Mum stayed inside the bed and breakfast house in comfort. Jeff, Ella and me stayed in a Hobbit House! It has nothing but beds in it, and I loved it :)
In the evening we met up with Jeff's dad and Lesley and had a traditional pub meal in a really, really, really old pub.Just how a pub should be.
Day 2 we started off at Boscastle. I went into the Witchcraft Museum, but Mum point blank refused, I'm sure she thought they were going to try and turn all the visitors into witches! It was actually really interesting and I was actually pleased I went in on my own so that I could enjoy it at my leisure without Jeff, Ella and Mum all moaning - which they would no doubt have done!
The limitations of my foot became very apparent and did mar the trip, it was just impossible to walk over the slate and up the cliffs, something I would normally have loved doing.
It was almost 10 years to the day since the awful flood that covered Boscastle, but apart from painted lines showing how high the water rose, you would never have known that it had happened.
We then went to Tintagel, the supposed place of King Arthur's Round Table. The last time I went I was pregnant with Joe - he's 23 next month! But my foot one and it was just impossible to climb down, my foot was screaming in pain :( So instead I did a little walk around The Old Post Office - which is like six or seven hundred years old!
We ended the day at Treborith Strand. What a beautiful place! Whilst there we had a cream tea - well, you gotta have at least one in Cornwall!
On the last day we went back to Looe. Jeff and Ella went crabbing, didn't catch any crabs but caught some fishes. I couldn't go, bloody foot wouldn't let me climb up and down. Mum sat on the pier - reckoned if she sat on the beach she wouldn't be able to get up again LOL! Although I feel for her as I need Jeff to lever me up!

The rest of the stay-cation ...... Started off lovely, Ella had respite on the Friday. Quiet day on the Saturday. On the Sunday we took Ella to see Maleficent at the Odeon Kids Club and then for Sunday lunch out. By the evening I honestly thought I was dying, the worst pain ever next to childbirth and breaking my foot. Turned out it was food poisoning. Took till the Thursday to start to feel human :(

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Year 11

Where did our little girl go? Can't believe she's started Year 11 today. So proud of her, despite everything life has thrown at her, she still is (mostly, when she's not being a typical teen!) a happy girl :) If you don't know us well, I'll elaborate :) We adopted Ella at 3.5, after her being in care for around 18 months. She has global developmental delay, gross motor co-ordination problems, Floating Habor Syndrome, autism and epilepsy. She also has real abandonment issues following early childhood experiences and needs to have someone nearby constantly - or to know where you are and when you'll be back. Despite all that she loves life and makes us laugh at the funny things she says and does. Like I said, so proud of her :)
Wednesday, September 03, 2014


Another month has gone and another month without writing. It was actually a calm, relaxing, non-eventful month which in our life is a rarity. I mean we did a lot - school holiday and Jeff had 3 weeks annual leave - but there was no stress involved as has become the norm over the last few years. Who am I kidding? Over the last 25 years! And I think therein lies the problem. As issues have eased so have I. I work much better with deadlines, you know 'I have to get this written before Thursday because Jeff's working all weekend, Ella's got a review, Ben's got football, want to visit Joe in prison, etc!' But with no deadlines I keep thinking 'oh, I'll do it tomorrow!' The less I do, the less I want to do. Anybody else like that?

Anyhow, starting this month everything is getting manic again - teaching, fostering course, marketing, so hopefully, with renewed busy-ness (ok, maybe not a real world but works!) I'm anticipating great things and lots of writing done! Plus I really want to know if my hero sorts his life out - I still haven't decided!

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