Tuesday, September 23, 2014

SexTape and Other Stuff!

Does my absence mean I've been busy? Hell yeah it does! But have neglected my blog, so flying visit to catch up on a few things. Will be back later to catch up on everyone else's things!

So, ot my own Sex Tape ;) I hear you all breathing a sigh of relief LOL! Went to see this film a couple of weeks ago at The Odeon. Last day of the 2 for £10 tickets. Had collected a few over the summer with the Kids Club Shows, so 6 of us went. It was funny - some laugh out loud moments - but I think we enjoyed more because we went as a group and could relate some of the embarrassing moments! No, so not sharing those moments!

Jeff back at work after his holidays, I wish we could win the lottery so he didn't have to - he however is probably grateful for the break from all of us!

New business nearly at the registration stage!!
Been doing a few craft fairs so my shoes and crafts :).
Fostering course starting this week.
Been to the hospital re my hand - as the brace and PT hasn't helped I've got to have a steroid injection, guided by ultrasound, into the wrist. Not looking forward to that, but liking the pain less.
I've signed up for a free online course about children and play.

Boys are back at football.
I'm back teaching 1-2 mornings a week. Forgot how much I hate lesson planning and how much I love teaching.
Provided a rainbow themed sweetie table for a client - they absolutely loved it and want it repeated at least another 2 times.
Just had a weekend away with some fellow crafters, had a lovely relaxing time but paying the price with my wrist now - even writing this is painful.

Think that's it. Photo's to follow :) xx


  1. This year is flying by isn't it??

    1. It really is JoJo, I am not keeping up! x

  2. That's a lot!
    Sorry about the steroid injection. I heard those are painful.

    1. Thanks Alex, I've heard that too, I keep telling myself it'll be worth it in the long run! x


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