Friday, September 05, 2014

Stay-Cation Final Instalment

Final part of our stay-cation. We had a lovely time, visiting lots of places and catching up with family and friends. But a big part of me felt strange not spending time with Robert and Jane in France and this is the first year in I can't recount how many that we didn't celebrate my nephew James' birthday with him. Oh well, maybe we'll descend on them again next year!

So, we decided on a last minute short break to Cornwall and took my Mum with us.
We started at Trago Mills - one of Jeff's favourite shopping places! - and then went onto Looe.
We then found where we were staying. Mum stayed inside the bed and breakfast house in comfort. Jeff, Ella and me stayed in a Hobbit House! It has nothing but beds in it, and I loved it :)
In the evening we met up with Jeff's dad and Lesley and had a traditional pub meal in a really, really, really old pub.Just how a pub should be.
Day 2 we started off at Boscastle. I went into the Witchcraft Museum, but Mum point blank refused, I'm sure she thought they were going to try and turn all the visitors into witches! It was actually really interesting and I was actually pleased I went in on my own so that I could enjoy it at my leisure without Jeff, Ella and Mum all moaning - which they would no doubt have done!
The limitations of my foot became very apparent and did mar the trip, it was just impossible to walk over the slate and up the cliffs, something I would normally have loved doing.
It was almost 10 years to the day since the awful flood that covered Boscastle, but apart from painted lines showing how high the water rose, you would never have known that it had happened.
We then went to Tintagel, the supposed place of King Arthur's Round Table. The last time I went I was pregnant with Joe - he's 23 next month! But my foot one and it was just impossible to climb down, my foot was screaming in pain :( So instead I did a little walk around The Old Post Office - which is like six or seven hundred years old!
We ended the day at Treborith Strand. What a beautiful place! Whilst there we had a cream tea - well, you gotta have at least one in Cornwall!
On the last day we went back to Looe. Jeff and Ella went crabbing, didn't catch any crabs but caught some fishes. I couldn't go, bloody foot wouldn't let me climb up and down. Mum sat on the pier - reckoned if she sat on the beach she wouldn't be able to get up again LOL! Although I feel for her as I need Jeff to lever me up!

The rest of the stay-cation ...... Started off lovely, Ella had respite on the Friday. Quiet day on the Saturday. On the Sunday we took Ella to see Maleficent at the Odeon Kids Club and then for Sunday lunch out. By the evening I honestly thought I was dying, the worst pain ever next to childbirth and breaking my foot. Turned out it was food poisoning. Took till the Thursday to start to feel human :(


  1. That looks like a fantastic trip! I love that pub sign. No slap n tickle of the wenches. LOL!!!!!

  2. That church is gorgeous. I hope no flea-bitten tramps made it into the inn.


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