Thursday, September 04, 2014

Year 11

Where did our little girl go? Can't believe she's started Year 11 today. So proud of her, despite everything life has thrown at her, she still is (mostly, when she's not being a typical teen!) a happy girl :) If you don't know us well, I'll elaborate :) We adopted Ella at 3.5, after her being in care for around 18 months. She has global developmental delay, gross motor co-ordination problems, Floating Habor Syndrome, autism and epilepsy. She also has real abandonment issues following early childhood experiences and needs to have someone nearby constantly - or to know where you are and when you'll be back. Despite all that she loves life and makes us laugh at the funny things she says and does. Like I said, so proud of her :)


  1. She's come so far! She's very lucky to have you!!!

  2. A lovely girl, well done to you all, you should be proud. I wish Ella all the very best :)


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