Saturday, November 01, 2014

Not sure where that week went!

Firstly, so, so proud of my two newest shoe designs. First time I have decorated childrens' footwear and I'm super pleased with how they turned out. The first are a beautiful blue, with snowflakes, glitter, bling and sparkle.
And the second are bright red glitttered with bling and can be personalised on the outside :) They are both £25 plus p&p, bargain and beautiful! (But then I am biased lol!)
So busy week preparing these - and other - shoes in readiness for a charity event. It's a shame the bunting isn't clear, I handmade it and it looks really shabby chic. I am glad I did the fair as it was like a trial run for a wedding fair I'm attending in a couple of weeks. Helped me to see what I needed to change/add before then.

In other news....
Went to Liverpool and back Monday to visit a good friend who's little girl is poorly in Alder Hey.
Drove to Southend and back to give Mum a lift to see her friends. I still do not like the car park also known as the M25!
Ella's social worker visited.
Ella has been to respite.
Have been to watch Benjamin play in 3 football matches, moving teams was the right move for him.
Me Julie came round for a catch up and while she was here I got her blinging! She did admit it was therapeutic, but I couldn't persuade her to help a second day LOL
Have had my gym retest, the bad news was BP and weight still the same, but my resting heart rate has gone from poor to average and my stamina has gone from below average to average :)
Dawn came round for a cuppa :)

I've attended two webinar courses online regarding setting up a business. I know I've run my own businesses in the past, but thought refreshers couldn't hurt.
Chinese meal with Jeff's workmates and partners.

Online 'Exploring Play' course coming along well - enjoying it!
Attended a few networking gatherings - that's all new to me, but worth it :)
The lovely Lydia and me went to Holme Grange for a coffee.
And finally lunch with jeff

Phew! What a hectic 2 weeks!


  1. The shoes are beautiful and a steal at 25 pounds. Good luck with your next show; I have one coming up too. Not at all looking forward to it.

    1. Thanks JoJo! I was so disappointed than none sold, but the event was so poorly attended several of the stall holders didn't sell anything. Fingers crossed for both of us for the next one :) x

  2. I bet lots of little girls would be thrilled to wear those! You have such a talent :)

    1. Thanks! Just hoping the orders start coming in :) xx

  3. I'm tired just reading about your two weeks!

    1. LOL! Think it's going to be like that now till Christmas - which is both a blessing and a nightmare! x

  4. Hi Suzanne - you have done a lot .. but it sounds as though things are improving health wise slowly though .. that's good news ... the stalls look amazing - such creativity .. love the shoes ... cheers Hilary

    1. You're so right Hilary, my foot still gives me daily pain, but I've got my energy back - at last! And so far the steroid jab has worked wonders on my wrist :)


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