Monday, December 29, 2014

Catch up No. 2 :)

As you know I really let blogging slide the past few months, so now catching up on some of the events going on in November! It might seem strange, but my blog was originally started, many moons ago, as a personal diary to look back on, so here goes.

Jeff and I had a rare date night and went and saw Maze Runner, which is my kind of film but Jeff actually enjoyed it too.
Went to see Gone Girl with some of the girls. Didn't realise it was an 18, might not have watched it had I known. Having said that I was gripped - excellent film - except for the ending when I quite vocally said "You have got to be kidding me!" People in the row behind laughed :) No spoilers, but if you've seen it you know what I mean ;)
Had a lovely relaxing spa with Dawn - I do love me a spa - jacuzzi more than the sauna :)
Sara came round and we spent 5 hours chatting and putting the world to right :)
Started the foster course, DBS forms completed, references have been sent off. Had my medical.
Attended the childminding pre-reg evening, now need to do the course.
Continuing with the Exploring Play online course.

Anna looked after Ella for us while we were at the first full-day foster course. Sounds like she had a great time, shopping, baking and cuddles. Did warn her to put her Wonder Woman pants on as Ella had lots of requests. Silly me, Anna wears them all the time!
And that was the extras for November :) December tomorrow! Trying to update before 2015!


  1. Hi Suzanne - great to hear the catch up news, see the photos and hear about the fostering role .. good for you and good luck with it - you'll learn so much I'm sure - let alone the benefits to those who come to you.

    Congratulations and here's to a really good 2015 - Hilary

    1. I hope so Hilary, will be so disappointed if we don't get approved. I know the process is designed to make sure the right people become foster carers, but would still feel sad x

  2. You sure have been busy!!! I would love to have a hot tub. I'm not a sauna person though; I don't like sitting in the heat whether it's dry or steam.

    1. So, so busy JoJo, hence the reason the blog was one of the first things to be set aside! Rectifying that now :) I much prefer the hot tub, I'm the same as you, that direct heat is not enjoyable! x

  3. Hi Suzanne, glad to meet you on the deja vu blog hop! Checked out your earlier posts also and boy have you been busy!

    Happy 2015!

    1. Hi Susan, thanks for visiting :) I must admit we always seem to be busy in this household! x


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