Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas Week

Sunday went as planned - absolutely loved having all the children and their other halves all together. Made a traditional Italian meal with a joint of lamb and sugo cooked in the slow cooker, with bucatini (my all-time fave pasta) and salad. Followed by a homemade baked New York cheesecake that Jeff makes. Yum! New timeline photograph of Mia Famiglia :)
Joe's girlfriend Kerrie came over for a flying visit. She landed 9pm Saturday and left 9pm Sunday. But it was good to meet her. Not sure for her though - being subjected to all of us in one go LOL!
Boxing Day Joe emigrated to Ireland - so excited for him!

Bloody cars! Taking Joe to the airport and the Galaxy breaks down before we even leave our town! Back home and Jeff got the old VW, got Joe to Gatwick, and then that bloody car overheated and packed up on the way home! Grrrrr!

Decorated tree and fireplace this year. Ella is Frozen mad so Jeff felt the colour scheme should be blue and silver :)
Pressie from my bessie!
Church on Christmas morning. I still have a big problem with the religious regime but no problem with a God, so our Church seems the obvious place to celebrate that,
We always go to the crematorium Christmas morning to visit Nanny's rose tree, it's just a token gesture, but an important one :)
Don't usually show photos of pressies we buy, but these deserve a mention. I ordered these rag dolls from Sweet Evangeline and they were to look like Martha and Orla when they were our flower girls. I think they are amazing and would totally recommend her :)
And finally, a simple picture, but means so much. The gravy boat belonged to Jeff's Mum (dated 1968) and the salt and pepper containers were my grandparents. For my whole life I remember these being on their kitchen table. So seems only right at Christmas they take pride of place on the table.


  1. Looks like a lovely and cozy holiday for your family! So many kids are 'frozen mad' here too. I haven't seen it but I hear that one of the songs will get stuck in my head so I am reluctant to watch it. lol

  2. It does have that affect you on, so watch it at your peril! I must admit I watched White Christmas a couple of nights ago and all night I have the "Sisters" song running around my head! x

  3. Pretty tree. Very nice dolls. Looks like a good holiday.

    1. Hi! Thanks, it was a lovely few days :) And those dolls, I was so pleased when they arrived, so well made and look just like the flower girls :) x


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