Saturday, December 20, 2014

Quick post ....

Because (a) I only got to visit 25 of the Deja-Vu participants yesterday so need to work through some more and (b) So looking forward to tomorrow, have the whole tribe here. Before that just need to prepare the food; clean the house; wrap their 9 lots of stocking presents (cos Santa's busy ); watch Ben at a football match; finish 8 pairs of shoes; pick up Kerrie from the airport; prepare get the picture! Ooo, picture :) .....


  1. Such a busy time of year!!!! I just have to bake tomorrow, and then pick up the deli trays on the 24th for the next day.

  2. Hi Suzanne .. have a fantastic time with the family .. lots of un - love the photos .. and yes I still need to catch up with the Deja Vu posters ..

    Happy Christmas week .. Hilary


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