Monday, January 26, 2015

7 Useless Facts About Me .....

Got caught out and had to do this on facebook (okay, I didn't have to!) so thought I'd share :)

Okay, 7 things you may or may not know about me......
1. I love meditating, walking barefoot and am a crystal holding, angel card reading, alternative therapy loving, hippy at heart;
2. When I was 17 I snogged Ringo Starr's son;
3. My first proper alcoholic drink was gin in the middle of a maths lesson when I was 15;
4. I am quite psychic and see ghosts so Jeff calls me his witch;
5. I will do anything at any time of day or night if someone I love needs me,
6. I am a very positive person no matter what cr*p the universe likes to regularly throw at me, although I have a God awful temper if really pushed;
7. I was diagnosed with PCO but then went on to have 5 pregnancies.

Best response was the comment from one of the boys "Us kids had no chance really!" LMAO!
Saturday, January 24, 2015

Busy, busy, busy!

These posts from facebook explains a bit why my blog is being neglected atm! ...........
  • My poor man, tooth abscess, photo doesn't really show just how swollen it is 
  • Finished a couple of pairs of shoes
  • Just parked in a disabled bay. Woman with a stroppy attitude "You got a badge then?"
    Jeff " Yeah, you wanna see it?"
    Woman slinks off. Go Jeff! .......... I get there are too many people that park that shouldn't, but there's no need for stroppiness before you know the facts!
  • This week has been awesome! Started Stage 2 of the fostering course; week 3 of the childminding course (still makes no sense with my quals and experience); lunch with Ariane; Teaching; Heard that a lovely mum wants to be my first mum for my new childcare plans; Joe has got himself a job in Ireland; Josh is back to football post injury; Went and helped Front of House for the local drama group; Ben takes his SAT tomorrow; coffee with Jeanette; table tennis with Jane; and my first ever yoga class! Back to shoe making and all the paperwork for fostering - Ofsted and Edexcel! Eeek!
  •  So...... after yesterdays so happy post ........ I got a letter from the taxman today. He reviewed by income for 2011/12 (God only knows why!) and ....... I've got a rebate of £350 coming! Thank you very much Mr Taxman! Which is a perfect windfall as my car is broke :(
Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Hooked on a Feeling ........

........ from Guardians of the Galaxy just loving this song Hooked on a Feeling by Blue Swede

Hope it makes you feel as upbeat as it does me :)

And, actually, if you search out the whole soundtrack, that's one awesome soundtrack :) Was working at the computer all day yesterday and it kept my spirits up!
Sunday, January 11, 2015

Christmas 2015

Yes, you did read that date right! So, did you overspend this year? We have always spent within our means, the early years we had no money, then we had some, then the shop went under and we didn't have any again! Such is life. When the boys were younger we would fund their presents to each other and us but we insisted on purchases from a charity (thrift) shop. We were trying to instill that it's not about how much you spent at Christmas, it was about thinking of someone and choosing something appropriate. We got through a lot of jigsaws and books over the years LOL!

So in prep for next Christmas I can recommend this system. Get 52 envelopes and mark them 1-52 for the number of weeks in the year.

Now you can either work up the numbers, put £1 in week 1, £2 in week 2 etc OR you can go backwards and start with week 52 OR you can just pull out an envelope each week depending how flush you are :)
We have the 9 kids we give £75 each and then another £15 each roughly on their stockings - £90 x 9 = £820 ..... we will still have around £500 left for everything else - RESULT!

Oh, and you really don't need to do this, but, well, you know, crafters can't resist :)

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Insecure Writers Support Group
Purpose: To share and encourage. Writers can express doubts and concerns without fear of appearing foolish or weak. Those who have been through the fire can offer assistance and guidance. It’s a safe haven for insecure writers of all kinds! Click on the image to go through to the linky-link :)

Okay, so now you've read that I need to say ignore that! This month it has been suggested as the group is a few years old that we write a little (around100 words) about ourselves.

So ..........

I do not like lifts and planes
I much prefer to ride on trains
I do not eat beef or ham
I do not like meat
Suzanne I am

I have lots of children here and there
I have lots of children everywhere

2 step-sons, 3 sons and girl and no pet
With fostering and childminding there'll be more soon I bet

I like to act on stage and sing
I like to decorate shoes with bling

My blog has crafting, my work, and photos too
And family tales I share with you

I've been writing a book that I'm hoping may
Be published, and I'll be famous, and rich, one day!

I do not like green eggs and ham
But I definitely am a Dr Seuss fan!
If you like what you're reading and think I could be fun
Then follow me by pressing the but-ton!

Monday, January 05, 2015

Monday Makes

Last October I had my annual girls weekend to Center Parcs. I tend to make a little gift for everyone but this year think I overdid it! It seemed like a good idea, but making 8 of them turned out to be a long old process :) When I had finished them I I folded them up and put them all in a clear plastic bauble tied up with a bit of ribbon to give to the girls
This photo shows how it looks when it's not being displayed.
This one has all the individual circles decorated - see what I mean about labour intensive! Eight lots - never again!
And this shows how it looks displayed.

Friday, January 02, 2015

Planning for 2015

This year I believe is going to be an amazing year for our family, both personally and professionally. Sitting in my corner of our house where I meditate, surrounded by angels, and my semi-precious stones I have been completing this workbook and planner today from Leonie Dawson and together with copious note books, tabs and coloured pens I have mapped out how I want the year to develop. I know that life can, and in our case often does, get in the way, but it's always good to have a starting point to get back on track :)
Thursday, January 01, 2015

New Years Day

Usually I recap on the year, but this year I am not going to. I cannot change the past few years ups and downs, it is what it is. The Deja-Vu blogfest highlighted the amazing weekend that was our vow renewal and that's all I want to revisit. Here's to 2015 :) Happy new year!!! x