Monday, February 02, 2015

January Round Up and a Photo a Day

Well I managed a whole month of photographs, only 11 to go LOL! A glimpse into our lives aside from the fostering process, doing the childminding course, decorating shoes, and 101 other things that is making our lives manic atm!
1. Perfectly perfect quote for the start of the year.
2. Planning for 2015 in my favourite meditative space.
3. Picture of yours truly for Linkedin - networking!
4. Just a glimpse of the big plans for this year.
5. Shared a bit of crafting - gift for the Center Parcs girls.
6. Wallpaper on my laptop, one Christmas I will spend it in a setting like this.
7. I just love the work from Strangeling, but unless I win the lottery, I'll have to make do with a print - also bought one for my soul sister - I really must get that sent to her LOL!
8. Ella loving her new hat - one of the things on her Christmas list here - remember the kind of list every kid should write?
9. More planning - I am just beyond excited where this year is heading.
10.Budgeting for Christmas 2015!
11. Changed my facebook profile during the memorial afternoon, not saying I agree with what Charlie Hebdo print, but we live where we do have freedom of speech.
12. Hmmm, know a few people that could learn from this quote ;)
13. Joined NEYTCO - new organisation supporting trainers of early years.
14. On my 100 things to do - a candlelit bubble bath - bliss!!
15. To read at least 12 books is also on the list. Actually wasn't overstruck with this book. Some of it was interesting, but I never felt attached to the main characters, and for me personally that's a must.
16. Poor Jeff had the worst toothache, his mouth actually swelled up twice as much after this photo :(
17. Went and helped out at Front of House for the Quince Players.
18. Watched Ben playing football.
19. Another quote - you know how I like quotes!
20. Another pair of shoes - quite enjoyed jazzing up a ballet style pair of shoes.
21. New banner I made for Linkedin - tried to cover the 3 main areas, childcare, training and shoes.
22. Went out for lunch with Ariane and couldn't resist a very naughty hot chocolate - yummm!
23. My first attempt at yoga - will definitely go again - and that was also on my 100 things to do this year!
24. Also had a game of table-tennis with a friend. First time for years, let's just say there's serious room for improvement lol!
25. Martha and Orla holding their made-to-order dolls we got them for Christmas - they're based on the outfits they wore as flower girls for us :)
26. Had some of the Center Parcs girls over for a drink on a Monday night - how decadent!
27. Ella showing off the cheese scones she made at school.
28. Registered for the third year to do the A-Z Blog Challenge - love the sunflower representation :)
29. My man and me out for lunch :)
30. Ella off for a weekend courtesy of the Kids Charity and the local council. A treat for both her and us :) And as I didn't have to be on call for Ella, or get up early on Saturday, decided to get out the cider Jeff had bought for me to enjoy at Christmas! Better late than never :)
31. Budgeting for February.


  1. I did a photo a day for a year back in was way harder than I thought it'd be! Great pictures!! Love Ella's new hat too.

  2. That's quite the variety of photos! And the A to Z Challenge logo is included - awesome.

  3. Thanks for stopping by during the Blitz and saying hello. I greatly appreciate it.


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