Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Random Acts 1-5

.... of Kindness Day 1 to Day 5
Day 1 - Ella giving some money to a busker near Waterloo Station.
Day 2 -Meeting with the foster social worker - because this is one act of kindness that will go long beyond 40 days :)
Day 3 - Gave Joshua the money for a taxi to physio so that he didn't have to aggravate his injury any more with 2 long walks :) (okay, so the photo isn't the actual taxi, but hey, perfect choice after our trip to Tower Bridge this week!)
Day 4 - lent Ben some money so he could help out a friend in need.
Day 5 - Putting some shoes in the shoe bin today :)


  1. I love these little acts of kindness. It is good to give.

  2. Great acts of kindness! Can be as simple as a kind word. Any kindness shared is a kindness that wasn't there before.

  3. These are all wonderful acts of kindness! Thanks for the reminder how important it is to help others all year round!


  4. Thanks everyone, am actually enjoying thinking each day about what I can do :) x


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