Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sunday catch-up

And yet another week has gone
to where I've not a clue.
The only thing that I'm most sure of
is I haven't spent it with you!
With the foster panel date getting near
we're seeing the S/W almost each day.
She's taken notes and notes and notes
of just about everything we say
My Jeff was oh so very ill
in hospital I thought he'd end up.
The doc said he knew what was wrong
and made him pee in a cup
He did some tests just to check
there was nothing more serious amiss.
Poor Jeff was anxious about the results
a prostate exam is not top of his list!
No prodding or poking is needed
thankfully the tests were clear.
The sound of Jeff cheering
was really loud round here!
Went to an Enchanted Market
and took Ella for a treat.
Had a stand for my shoes at a busy prom fair,
that was hard on my feet!
Helping Ben with sorting his future
And this week his SAT's are in.
So now we have to sit and wait
for a uni or college to want him.
Received some belated Christmas presents
as Dad and Sandra came up for the night.
I got a beautiful Next dressing gown
snuggly and warm so that's all right!
Food hygiene course completed;
Joshua back to playing football;
Never-ending childminder homework;
Life's busy in this house for us all!
Laterz! xx


  1. Nice poem! I never was able to do rhyming verse, beyond roses are red, violets are blue!

    1. Thanks JoJo! It's not great, but gets the week across without a ton of text! x

  2. And I thought my week was busy! Nicely done. :)

    1. Thanks! Too many busy weeks atm, will be very happy when things calm just a little bit :)

  3. We had a four day weekend and took full advantage of it by neglecting everything and going outside and having fun. Now we are paying the price. The house is a disaster.

    1. Oh yes, I hate that, takes longer than it would have done if you keep on top of it! But hopefully the break was worthwhile :)


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