Sunday, March 01, 2015

February Round Up and a Photo a Day

Month 2 and still succeeding :) Pretty impressive with everything else going on!
1. Ella on her return from her weekend away - I think she enjoyed it - who knows!
2. New banner I made with Vistaprint for the shoes.
3. Bought this notebook - it's A5 size - for 50p at a charity shop. I loved the outside of it - like an old book. Took out the paper to use as to do lists and plan to use the book for my bucket list :)
3. The only bit of snow we've had in this part of England so far this winter :(
4. Just because I have a bit of a thing about pens!
5. Putting this cheque in the bank on 5th was very enjoyable - apparently the tax man did an audit on my tax payments and found out I had overpaid :)
6. Jeff and I had a date night and went and saw Into the Woods - I think Jeff enjoyed it more than he thought he would!
7. Went to the Enchanted Market
8. Dad and Sandra came up on the Saturday evening and stayed over. Was just great to spend a few easy hours with them :)
9. This is my display at the local craft emporium. Such a brilliant idea to rent just a wall to sell handmade crafty bits.
12. My first prom fayre - was really busy, keeping everything crossed for follow up orders :)
11. Had to take a photograph of how long my hair's got, because I'm thinking it's due a big chop and colour - not completely sure yet though lol!
12. My poor man was so poorly and this was his face when his GP explained what tests he might have to do!
13. Ben got his SAT results. He did okay with English, but struggled with Math - takes after me! - so looks like 2 years in a junior college first, then 2 years in a uni. Not the end of the world, but it was a shame that he was only 20 points off of the minimum needed.
16. How I imagine I look when I'm meditating - lmao!
14. Valentine's card and roses from Jeff and a card from Ella. Um yeah, there's no card from me to Jeff - bad, bad wife!
15. Choosing colours to paint the room for - hopefully - foster children!
16. Went with Josh to see the Blood Brothers play - thought it was the musical, so now need to book that lol!
17. Pancake day
18. Outing for the day to London, no Ben as he was working :(
19. Joshua chilling and me planning to have a stand at the Ascot Wedding Show - eek!
20. Temporary 'new' 20 year old BMW 3 Series while the Galaxy is fixed!
21. Ella's respite place had a party for old and current 'service users' (think that's the pc term!) and it was a Chinese New Year theme - she won best fancy dress :)
22. Went to my first singalong - won't be my last! - to The Sound of Music, with Joy and Niki. Fantastic night, and apparently I can still hold a note, so at least I wasn't screeching in their ears!
23. Quick pair of hi-tops I decorated - thinking this is exactly what Ella needs for her prom :)
24. My poor baby - worried about the dentist :(
25. Continuing with trying to read more, book number 2 of the year, The Memory Keepers Daughter. Okay, yes sad, but nothing on last nights Greys Anatomy episode with Jackson and Kepner :(
26. Signed up for a 4 week free how to create an e-book course for my business - planning looks good so far!
27. Jeff and I went to see The Kingsman - loved it!! And was headhunted on Linkedin and have an interview on Monday!

28. Our beautiful God-daughter Orla's 6th birthday! And Joshua warming up for a cup game (which they lost :( )


  1. I'd say you have been an overly busy lady, Suzanne. Love how you made little collages of your photos.
    Life & Faith in Caneyhead

    1. Thanks Barbara, I like the collages too, some of the photos are poor quality, but when they're on a collage I can get away with it :) x

  2. You've been a very busy camper! And you are welcome to some of our snow! lol So LinkedIn really works then? Good luck with your job interview! I keep getting invites to it but I've never bothered to sign up b/c I figured it was a scam and nothing would come of it but more and more emails. Ella looks awesome in her fancy Chinese dress!

    1. Hi JoJo, I signed up with Linkedin ages ago, more for business than personal :) Doesn't she looks fab :)


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