Sunday, March 08, 2015

Random Acts 11 - 16

Day 11 - Had a long chat with someone very close to me and is waiting for results from hospital tests, so thought what could I do? I have sorted out a positive quote and so every morning when she opens her email there's a positive affirmation waiting for her to read :) These are just a sample.
Day 12 - Cleared out some books for the charity shop. Jeff is the Kathy Reichs fan!
Day 13 - Tin in the food bank at the college.
Day 14 - Gave away 8 tickets to a bridal wedding show.
Day 15 - Went to an age concern shop and, instead of donating 'stuff' to the charity, I bought a couple of bits from them so money straight in the bank.
Day 16 - Gave a gift voucher (to make a pair of shoes) to a raffle to raise funds for the adorable Martha's Magic Steps :) If you click here it'll tell you more about Martha :)


  1. Great acts of kindness!! Right now I am desperately hoping to win a raffle I entered yesterday, for Red Sox baseball tickets. The odds aren't good...lots of people have entered, but I have a friend who is a HUGE fan of theirs. So is her brother. She has been taking care of her disabled husband around the clock for about 10 years now, with only a few respite breaks. It's been very hard on her. But with enough notice, she could get someone to come in the night of the game. I so want to win and give her & Chip the tickets. The drawing is tomorrow. Also, the proceeds from the raffle go to the Pine Street Inn, a homeless shelter and soup kitchen in Boston that's been working nonstop all winter to ensure no one freezes to death in this awful cold and snow.

  2. You're on a roll! Good for you. :)

  3. Love the ideas you are coming up with. May it inspire us all.
    Life & Faith in Caneyhead


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