Sunday, March 15, 2015

Random Acts 17 - 22

Over half way there!
Day 17 - Spotted this on a friends facebook page, so knitting a purple scarf or two - depending how far the wool goes!
Day 18 - Was buying some shoes online and got the 'would you like to donate to GOSH' - well how could I not?!
Day 19 - Another can of food in the food bank at college.
Day 20 - Donated some of my older shoes from my shoe business to the local charity/goodwill shop.
Day 21 - Today was Red Nose Day, so sent Ella to school to give to the collection :)
Day 22 - Just a little online donation as really busy this weekend with the wedding show.


  1. That looks like good challenge. I might have to pick up some purple wool!

  2. Now that's going the extra mile! :)

  3. Keep up the good work!

  4. Thanks everyone :) Did you notice the glaring mistake? I only typed up No. 17 and then set to schedule - and forgot to add the rest lol! The rest have all been added now :)

  5. Visiting your blog because we are both part of Tremps Troops :) Looking forward to the challenge! Great acts of kindness you did here. I like when the local stores here have some type of fund raising they are doing for organizations and I can donate a dollar or two as part of my grocery shopping. Those donations do add up!



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