Wednesday, May 06, 2015

IWSG - Or in my case .....

ILOWSG - Insecure Lack of Writing Support Group!
During April I had to ....
  • complete my childminding course - which I passed!
  • complete the fostering process - which was successful as Jeff and I are now approved foster carers!
  • complete all the paperwork needed for Joshua and Benjamin to today receive written offers for soccer scholarships in the good old USofA!!
  • Spent a week away training to be an Instructor for Paediatric First Aid, First Aid at Work and on AED's - and I passed!!!
  • Managed to complete the A-Z although the last half a dozen posts were a bit of a get-out with everything else piling up!
  • Oh and started a new full time job!!
So writing and crafting and photographing and just about everything else got left out :(

So I suppose I'm not insecure, as I have no writing to be insecure about! But I do have a huge amount of frustration in not having time to write - does that count?

Not heard of the IWSG? Click here for the linky-link to tell you all about the fab group :)


  1. You were doing all of that during the Challenge? Whoa...
    Congratulations on passing and being certified foster parents. And the new job.

  2. Sounds like you were very busy! Sometimes life has to come first and the writing has to wait.

  3. I hope you got a chance to get some sleep! Wow. Congrats on the new job!

  4. April was a busy but productive month for you! Congrats for you and your husband being approved for fostering!


  5. YOU HAVE A nice blog dear
    i followed your blog, please follow back #MELODY JACOBS
    thank you

  6. Hi Suzanne - you have been busy ... and so many congratulations on passing all those exams and helping the boys get themselves ready for soccer scholarships. That's brilliant becoming authorised foster carers - very caring and giving.

    Lots happening for you - no wonder the A-Z didn't take priority but you did it .. wonderful news .. cheers Hilary

  7. Sounds like you've been busy with some very worthwhile projects.

  8. Wow! You accomplished a huge amount and with A-Z on top. Being approved as foster carers must be very exciting.

  9. That's a lot to accomplish and great things to accomplish.

  10. Wow that is some week. All positive things though so an enjoyable week too I hope :)
    Popping by on the A to Z Road Trip

  11. Wow, you've been doing a lot. Sometimes life gets in the way of writing. Give yourself a break. Good luck moving forward.

  12. Wow, you've been doing a lot. Sometimes life gets in the way of writing. Give yourself a break. Good luck moving forward.


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