Thursday, February 04, 2016

May 2015

Throwback Thursday - but not too far! Catching up on the highlights during my blogging drought over the next few Throwback Thursdays!
 I became a qualified first aid instructor - and I love it :)
 Joshua's football team won the league - after their first season in it following promotion last year!
 The adorable Martha had her First Holy Communion - doesn't she look just beautiful?
 Just a lovely photograph of Jeff and Ella
 Mug shot for America!
 The other mug shot for America!
 Joe was in England for a few days so took advantage to get a photo of Mum with the boys
Started the actual fostering, not just the preparing!


  1. Why is it that passport and drivers license pics always look like mug shots? lol You should see my passport pic. I look like a homicidal maniac.


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