Thursday, March 03, 2016

August 2015

Throwback Thursday and we're up to the fourth month August. As a holiday was off the cards with the cost of sorting the boys out, we had lots of fun and days out ....
 Do you think I've made enough sugo?!
 Runnymede with Ella and Orla
 Orla smiling as always :)
 Ella's first visit to Creams! Can you tell she was impressed?
 Another new place - Giraffe - also went down well :)
 Little gift I made for Ricki and Kim's engagement
 Went here with Jeff and Ella :)
 We went to Avebury and I connected with my inner hippy!
 Of course I am :)
 Catching up with Jeanette
 And Joy :)
Bournemouth Air Show


  1. Awesome!! Runnymede...where the Magna Carta was signed. And that's the sum total of my high school history classes that I remember! lol


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