Thursday, March 17, 2016


Throwback Thursday! Visiting Avebury Henge and Stone Circles is on my bucket list, and so glad it was - it's a very peaceful place and worth a visit.
If you enlarge this one you'll see Jeff and Ella laughing their socks off - one of my favourite photographs of 2015


  1. Awesome pics! Love the one of Jeff & Ella laughing! I would love to visit those places. I only went to England once in high school. They packed as much as they could into our short time there, but so much more to see.

  2. Looks like a really peaceful place all right.

  3. Gorgeous spot! Love the photos. I found you through the A-to-Z Challenge list (being the early bird here, haha), and will be looking forward to your April posts :)
    Guilie @ Life In Dogs (and member of co-host Damyanti's team, D's Company )


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