Friday, April 15, 2016

A-Z Journey of a Broken Foot (Lisfranc Injury)

If you’d like to know about my own injury, here’s a link to the inside scoop :) But my daily A-Z posts are more general and informative, just so, if the time comes, you know what someone is going through because, trust me, it’s not ‘just a broken foot!’

METATARSALS - Any of the bones of the foot ........ Well that's one of the shortest descriptions! And far be it for me to question the Oxford Dictionary, but ....okay, yeah, I'm going to question it LOL! The general opinion is that the metatarsals are only certain bones. Maybe a photo would be better :)

Definitions courtesy of Oxford Dictionaries


  1. Wow there are a lot more bones in the foot than I thought. I've never actually seen them illustrated like that.


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