Saturday, April 09, 2016

A-Z Journey of a Broken Foot (Lisfranc Injury)

If you’d like to know about my own injury, here’s a link to the inside scoop J But my daily A-Z posts are more general and informative, just so, if the time comes, you know what someone is going through because, trust me, it’s not ‘just a broken foot!’

IT HURTS! - Well, that's pretty much a given isn't it? I mean possibly broken bones, dislocation and torn ligaments (yep, I had all 3!) and no matter how high someone's pain threshold is, there's no way that's not going to hurt! How long it remains hurting is anybodies guess - some people are back to the new normal after 6-9 months, others, like me, are still in pain years later. I'm a great believer in alternative treatment, but, don't be a martyr, there are occasions when you cannot beat entonox and morphine!


  1. I have such a low pain tolerance that I think what you went through would do me in.

  2. I fractured the side of my foot last Oct., but the first Dr. Misdiagnosed it, so that resulted in a break, which resulted in me wearing a boot for 5 months to heal. Even though it's healed, the side still gets sore. The made me new orthotics for my shoes, which cause me pain and even makes my ankles ache, so I went back to my older orthotics but I can't spend long times on my feet. You went through much more then I did and I hope you get back to normal - or something nearly. I happened by on my road trip back through.


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