Sunday, April 03, 2016

March 2016 Roundup

Well March was just as manic as January and February! Here's hoping April is a bit easier (looking at the diary I am kidding myself!). So, as well as the photographs below .......
  • Jeff went back to Lake Tahoe to see the boys on the 21st March until 5th April - yes, lots of grey hairs have appeared!
  • On the same day the internet packed up and wasn't fixed until the 30th! School holiday, 3 teenagers, work, and no internet!! Seriously that was stressful. I mean I could use my data to check in, but that didn't help the kids.
  • The next day, Tuesday, Ella was sent home sick from school and Thursday was admitted to hospital. Not only was that stressful, but I had to worry about the fosterlings too!! Wonder Woman Anna is now my hero for helping out :) ......actually she's been one of heroes for years, but we don't tell her that LOL!
  • Both fosterlings decided to push boundaries big time! And numerous appointments, meetings, etc were somehow scheduled while Jeff was away.
  • I have had the chance to catch up with a few friends - Ariane, Joy, Bracknell college girls, and Anna :)
  • I've been referred back to hospital for both my foot and my hand :(
  • Volunteered to support a group of Beavers (twenty 6 to 8 year olds) to get their first aid badge. Mad? Well no, that was the easy bit. Getting locked in their car park till gone 9 in the evening when I had started work at 8 in the morning - not so much fun LOL!
  • Had an interview as a volunteer on a local borough's fostering and adoption panel. I miss being a governor, and this opportunity came up, so fingers crossed!
  • Took Ella to Kids Club at the Odeon to see the Minions film - thought it was funny, but not hilarious.
  • Managed a date night - well day! Went to the Showcase Cinema ....Wow!!! Saw London Has Fallen, then went for a sit in a jacuzzi, followed by a meal. We have to squeeze as much in as we can when we get a rare free day LOL!
And also ......
So, I've been doing the Whole 30. Lots to talk about, pros and cons, but that will have to wait until May after the A-Z Challenge. BUT, in the first 3 months I have lost 16lbs!! Had to share that :)
San Gennaro Shoes is getting busier. Attended a wedding show over 2 days, and already have taken enough orders to cover half the cost of the weekend. First attempt at steampunk - think I am going to enjoy designing them :) And the key rings? Offered them as a giveaway to the first 100 brides both days.... 200 key rings! All handmade, so a lot of hours but worth it :)
Afternoon tea with mum as a late Mothers Day gift. Thanks to cutting back on sweet things, I couldn't even manage the top layer, but Jeff was happy about that when I brought him home a doggy bag. Date 'night' with Jeff. And Dad and Sandra came up Easter Sunday to keep me company :)
So much planning going on this year - it's been great already, but going to get better and better :) Loving Leonie Dawson's Shining Year Planner; and it works really well with the Bullet Journalling System. There's so many beautiful planners out there, this might not be the last post on them LOL! I'm finally reconnecting with the real me - hippy, bright colours and seeing the positive, I am not letting anyone dull my sparkle anymore :) The camper van? That's part of the connecting! Off for a retreat/festival with my soul sister and decided there was only one way to travel to it!
Ella, bless her, has had a bit of a time of it while Jeff''s been away. Illness, overnight stay in hospital; no school so that routine's out; and no internet so she hasn't been able to watch You Tube! So I created this timetable for her, it shows how many sleeps Jeff is away and what we're doing each day :) She has really enjoyed crossing each day off.
This deserved a photo on its on. Ella's school production was about history. Her class did about photography and sang 'Flash! Bang! Wallop! What a picture' from Half a Sixpence. Doesn't she look beautiful as the bride? The dress was kindly lent to us for a tenner from the local charity shop. As a thank you I gave them a pair of blinged wedding shoes to sell :)
I put this photo on Facebook, and made some comment about Mothers Day in the 21st century. Was lovely to be able to chat to them - Skype IS the best thing since sliced bread! Just need Joe to get on it - only been nagging him for a year, I'm sure he's avoiding it cos he thinks I'll be on it daily to him - does he not know how busy our lives are, like I would get a chance to do that LOL!
Jeff putting up wallpaper with a staple gun?! It was actually the booth at the wedding show, but we've a friend who's a decorator, so sent him it as a wind up! The pile of grey stuff? All limescale from our washing machine! But superstar Jeff cleaned it and fixed it for about £2 - slightly better than the cost of a new machine! Storm Katie hit England in March - um, think a new parasol is on the cards for the summer LOL! And just as well we had a fence at the end of the garden or I don't know where the trampoline would have ended up! The last one is Jeff chilling watching his team on a Sunday afternoon - just evidence for the next time he says he never gets time to rest ;)


  1. Wow you sleep ever? No wonder you need a planner!!!

  2. I know JoJo! When I started writing it down I thought no wonder I'm so tired!! x


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