Monday, May 23, 2016

Just another Meme!

This one is for my friends that need us at the moment - like the subtle change :)

Friday, May 20, 2016

And gone again ...

It really was a flying visit, but I don't care I loved every minute of it. And I wasn't the only one, can you tell :)

Thursday, May 19, 2016


Much as I am so happy for Joe that he has a good life in Dublin with Kerrie I do miss him, so a flying visit from the pair of them is the highlight of the year so far :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Boy in the Dress

Forgot the demands of primary school, it's been soooo long since we've had any young children around.

Fosterling says he needs an outfit for David Walliams Day at school.
Well I know who he is but never knew he wrote books!
And he wants to dress up as The Boy in the Dress.
Serious research ........ well okay, I asked friends on facebook.
So this is the book.
 Wig and football socks easy.
Dress was a white one from H & M that I dyed orange. I actually love the fact that the dye didn't take to every type of material on the dress, adds a bit of interest to what otherwise would have been wholly orange.
And the shoes - well they were never going to be a problem were they? 
End result - and yes both fosterling and me were completely impressed - so was the school as he won best costume :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Just because .....

I have to hold my head up high and admit this is me  - both ashamed and proud of that face :) And when I put this up on facebook, the overwhelming consensus among friends was agreement!

Friday, May 13, 2016

2016 A-Z Challenge Reflection

Hmm, well the good news is I completed it :)
But, in all honesty, this was my least enjoyable A-Z. I'm hoping that was just me, as I think the premise is amazing - a blogging community supporting each other :)

Anyhow, my thoughts, for what they're worth ........
  • I had a bit of a hiatus, our internet was down for 10 days so my plan of prepping all the posts while Jeff was in the USA went out the window and I was playing catch up - I haven't done that since Year 1 (I'm just done Year 4 now) and it isn't conducive to smooth running, especially when you have to factor everything else that happens in our daily lives.
  •  I did my usual short post with photos on a theme. Nothing too controversial, long winded etc. However I noticed comments this year didn't once reach double figures. Most people I visited didn't visit back. Now I know the expression that you don't give for what you get back, but, well, in this case I think it's the exception that proves the rule.
  • I am glad I chose the foot injury theme - hopefully it was informative and will help people if they find themselves in the same unfortunate situation.
  •  I gained - wait for it - ONE whole new follow! I never gain hundreds, but it does hit the tens. I did a little research on old statistics and I just didn't have the traffic I normally get. I mean the drop was huge.
  • I wasn't able to visit every day, but I started on the number after mine and every couple of nights I visited 20, so over the month more than met the 5 a day target.
  • Was it me or was there a lot more dead links this year? That was really frustrating!
  • Not being able to comment for one reason or another was also pretty, well, frustrating! (Same word, I know, but it's late and the 2 fosterlings seem to think 5am is an okay time to wake up every day!)
  •  I sort of feel that the reason for the A-Z - the visiting and sharing - has become second to people just posting for their benefit and not joining in with the larger idea.
Anyhow, that's just me. Off to add the post to the reflection linky link, which is here if you fancy reading some more :) Hopefully they're not all doom and gloom, but more positive :)

Eating out....

At the Admiral Cunningham in Bracknell. No idea how long this pub has been around, but we used to go there for a drink at lunchtimes when I worked at Racal, so going back 25 years. Okay, so a little Google research says it's been open since 1954, which makes sense as Bracknell is a New Town and had a massive amount of houses and estates built starting around that time. Actually, they're still building estates on Bracknell 60 years later. Some things about Bracknell I love, the way it is becoming one big housing estate and encroaching on local towns is not one of them.

Anyhow I digress. Again :) Jeff and I decided to go for lunch, it's our 'date night' as a date 'night' is a rarer than a blue moon :(

In a nutshell we absolutely loved it. The food was obviously fresh not all frozen. Generous portions. Tasted great. Staff were friendly and polite. But for me the biggest plus was they had a whole vegetarian menu - and an interesting one at that LOL!

Thursday, May 05, 2016


Pair of siblings arrived today for a while. Despite what must undoubtedly be off the stress level charts for any child, the younger one penned this :) ...............sorta hoping he meant like ;)

Bournemouth Air Festival

Throwback Thursday August 2016. Jeff didn't want to miss this as it was one of the last times that the Vulcan Bomber would be flying. Didn't really think it I would enjoy the whole show that much, but actually was good :) If you want to know more here's the link for Bournemouth Air Festival 2016
 Ella really wanted to go on this ride even though she was physically far too big. The lady running it let her on anyway and didn't charge us, how kind was that :)
 This was the reason we went - the Vulcan Bomber - and I have to say it was bloody impressive!
 Above and below, the Red Arrows - amazing!!
 An arty shot :)
 Met Dad and Sandra down there which was nice, and we all went to tea together afterwards :)
Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Small Operation .....

Gallbladder came out today via keyhole surgery. Yay! Posh title is Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy. Day case at FPH, arrived at 2pm, discharged 6.30pm! Same drunk, out of it feeling whilst in recovery - I hate that! And the main tummy scar is closer to 4" than 1cm but at least the thing is out. And even though I'm pleased to be rid of it - I never wanted a repeat of that pain and jaundice - when I see these cartoons I always feel a bit sad for the much unloved gallbladder :)