Thursday, May 05, 2016

Bournemouth Air Festival

Throwback Thursday August 2016. Jeff didn't want to miss this as it was one of the last times that the Vulcan Bomber would be flying. Didn't really think it I would enjoy the whole show that much, but actually was good :) If you want to know more here's the link for Bournemouth Air Festival 2016
 Ella really wanted to go on this ride even though she was physically far too big. The lady running it let her on anyway and didn't charge us, how kind was that :)
 This was the reason we went - the Vulcan Bomber - and I have to say it was bloody impressive!
 Above and below, the Red Arrows - amazing!!
 An arty shot :)
 Met Dad and Sandra down there which was nice, and we all went to tea together afterwards :)


  1. Looks like a great time, but a bit chilly! I live in the town of Bourne. I always thought it was named after Bournemouth but it's not. So many of our towns are named after ones in England.


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