Tuesday, June 21, 2016

AWOL .....

But only 5 weeks instead of 7 months! Been a bit manic - "No really?" I hear you sarcastically ask ;)

In a nutshell:
Had to give up work - update on my lisfranc tab here
Boys are home for a free weeks from America - cannot believe their first year is done!
Joe and Kerrie visited
Sam and Ruby visited
Been to a 21st birthday party
Have 3 fosterlings now - one teen that's been with us since January, and in May 2 little brothers joined us...... so while the boys are visiting we're a family of 8.
Oh - had my gallbladder out - and the main keyhole - well unless he was using the monster keys they had in 'days of yore' it's a very loose description - ouch will suffice :(
Ben's 21st birthday
Have had my biggest order for a few years - bride and 5 bridesmaids!
Did a street art fair
Been seen by my wrist doctor
Put my registration in for childminding
Found a doctor to fix Joshua's groin at last - and not just any old doctor, but an internationally acclaimed one!
Being a lady wot lunches with Bracknell College ladies
Had a filling :( £75 for 20 minutes - I really should have trained to be a dentist .... yeah okay, never going to happen LOL!

So that's bad enough for 5 weeks but to give you a more in depth peep at my life I posted this today on facebook .........."From last Friday to this ....... Picked up Josh & Ben from Heathrow - 1 trip to my foot doctor - 21st birthday party - meal out for Ben's 21st - Josh to hospital in London - 2 x football training - 2 x youth club - 2 x opticians - 3 x dentists - 3 x contact sessions - 1 x doctor - 1 x professional visit - 1 x sports day - first time being a foster panel member! - 1 x court - 1 x IRO visit ,,,,,,,,phew! This not working lark is hard work LOL!"


  1. I'm tired just reading that.
    Hope Josh was all right.
    Won't tell you how much dentists get for crowns.

  2. Do you sleep? lol I'm glad you ordered the Sad Gallbladder plushie. :)


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