Monday, July 25, 2016

My Boys!

Love this photo - definitely in the top 5 this year. It's not often they get together, and this was literally a last minute 'let's have a photo' moment before we left Ireland. And it has turned out great. Bit like the boys. Did you like that link ;)

Joseph is now working hard in Dublin, has an amazing partner who is great with Ella, and saving like mad for his first home. And has the most amazing idea for his own business which he is busy starting in his spare time.

Joshua has been home for the college break and went straight back down to the school volunteering.

Benjamin came home and went back down Halfords during his summer break so that he could earn some money to pay us back money he owed us. And he returned to Lake Tahoe a week earlier than planned so that he could train hard for next season :)

They're both studying hard, Joshua came away from his first year with a GPA of 4.0 and Ben's was mid-3's. They both have a part-time job on campus to help with the finances and look after the home they rent as well as I could.

All in all very proud of all 3 boys. Especially when I think back to their teenage years - long time readers will know what I mean ;)

Anyhow, that photo .......


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