Thursday, August 25, 2016

A Hair Raising Experience

I've just seen a blogging assignment for Tamar asking for a blog post on a hair raising experience. There was a few hints, like sky jumping, aqua zorbing or ghost hunts. Now I could write about some real life ghost experiences, but then I thought just about everyone is going to cover thrills and spills, so I decided not to go that way. Here's my post ............

I have had some pretty hair raising moments but in recent history it has to be fostering. "Really?" I hear you ask. "Seriously" I reply. The process was as rigorous as when we adopted Ella and turns out it needs to be. The whole experience to date has been hair raising!
  • We have had the lad who tried to grow cannabis in his bedroom - twice!
  • The police in the house arresting a lad at 1 in the morning, him fighting; Liana trying to calm him; Ella with her special needs hysterical and being calmed by Jeff; and me hugging the other foster child who was in tears because she woke up to the sounds of chaos and thought everyone was being murdered in our sleep;
  • Stopping new arrivals climbing out of bedroom windows to escape;
  • A request for an emergency placement for a sibling group of three - at 3pm on Christmas Eve;
  • Getting a phone call from a fosterling at midnight because she's walking the streets after arguing with her boyfriend and trying to work out where on earth she is;
  • Been followed on Facebook by a fosterling's parent (sorted that one by completely locking down all the privacy settings);
  • Our beautiful, complex, autistic, delightful Ella being insulted by a fosterling's parent;
  • Have been sworn at, insulted, lied to, had money stolen, and had their rooms treated like a refuse tip;
Then this happens ..........


  1. Those are definitely more hair raising than ghost encounters. One of my friends from high school who lives here in my town is a foster parent too. She's had quite a few similar stories to yours. She adopted one of her fosterlings too....she's a very sweet young lady of 13 now.

    1. Thanks JoJo, glad it's not just me that thinks they're hair raising! x


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