Monday, August 08, 2016

Birthday Boy!

Fosterling celebrated his 7th birthday with us today.

He chose to go to Build a Bear. The premise is lovely, but the price ...... £32 and that doesn't include clothes, so we have a bare bear ;) You do chose your own outer material, stuffing, and extras like a heart beat, a song when you press a paw and, wait for it, a smell! He loved it so for that reason it's worth the money, and the company astutely knows that.

After that he went to Creams where they sell only pudding ....... Heaven! What else is there to say about an establishment that only sells sugar laden, tasty, chocolatey goodness :)


  1. I took my stepdaughter to Build A Bear a couple years ago. It was definitely spendy but I figure you can't put a price on making memories. We didn't opt for all of the add-ons but we did do the clothes.

    1. Definitely JoJo, we're hopefully filling him with positive memories while he's with us :) x

  2. If it made him happy, then it was worth it.


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