Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Instagram Challenge Day 2

Taking part in an Instagram Challenge being organised by Sarah at Creative & Cafe It's about growing your account and encouraging new visitors. I have 3 IG accounts, two for business and 1 is personal. It's the personal one this relates to which promotes fostering, adoption and special needs. So, while my hand is still healing I'm cheating with my blog posts and utilising cut and paste :)

DAY 2 'Introduce Yourself'
A very old scrapbook layout I did, but perfect for the #ccbossclub day 2 which is to introduce yourself. I'm a wife and mum to step/birth//adopted children, some with complex special needs. I'm a foster carer, childminder, childcare professional & tutor. In my spare time I enjoy crafting, writing, upcycling, alternative therapies and my husband thinks I'm a bit of a witch! And that's just a glimpse ...


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