Monday, September 12, 2016

Instagram Challenge Day 8

Taking part in an Instagram Challenge being organised by Sarah at Creative & Cafe It's about growing your account and encouraging new visitors. I have 3 IG accounts, two for business and 1 is personal. It's the personal one this relates to which promotes fostering, adoption and special needs. So, while my hand is still healing I'm cheating with my blog posts and utilising cut and paste :)

DAY 8 'Magic Hour
This photo was taken in the sunset witching hour. Much as 2 of the fosterlings like to wake us up at 5am every morning, I'm not functioning enough at that time to prep for a photoshoot LOL! So, 2 Poundland wigs and curlers. One tin of Halfords car paint. Hopefully 2 Oompa Loompa hairstyles will be the end result!
I also added this photo. Part 2, the clothes - white plimsolls and women's polo neck jumpers from Primark. Brown dye from Dylon, plus bits and pieces to complete the look!


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