Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Instagram Challenge Day 9

Taking part in an Instagram Challenge being organised by Sarah at Creative & Cafe It's about growing your account and encouraging new visitors. I have 3 IG accounts, two for business and 1 is personal. It's the personal one this relates to which promotes fostering, adoption and special needs. So, while my hand is still healing I'm cheating with my blog posts and utilising cut and paste :)

DAY 9 'Your Product that you are Proud of'
I had already decided to post this photograph today, seemed a perfect fit with the prompt.
Being a foster carer is hard work but always worth it. Roald Dahl week meant dress up day for fosterling 2 and 4. We decided to make their outfits as we wanted them to experience the joy of someone creating something for them. The reactions from all their school friends made them beam from ear to ear and made the hours - and hours - worth it. One of them even won the class prize for the best dressed. Fostering isn't all about meetings, stress and behaviour, in fact mostly it's about the little things. Back to the outfit - so pleased how it all turned out! Please flip back to yesterday's post to see the 'before' photos :)


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