Sunday, September 11, 2016

Instagram Challenge Days 6 & 7

Taking part in an Instagram Challenge being organised by Sarah at Creative & Cafe It's about growing your account and encouraging new visitors. I have 3 IG accounts, two for business and 1 is personal. It's the personal one this relates to which promotes fostering, adoption and special needs. So, while my hand is still healing I'm cheating with my blog posts and utilising cut and paste :)

DAY 6 'Something you Love, featuring your brand colours'
I struggled with this one but decided my 'brand' colours would be my blog. And I actually like the idea of framing my photographs with the turquoise. What do I love? Apart from the obvious, my view from my studio which I get to enjoy in between all the childcare!

DAY 7 'Your Daily Routine' For me, after all the kidlets are sorted in the morning, a cup of tea and check-in with my planners is essential to know whether I have fostering, special needs, adoption meetings. Or appointments for San Gennaro Shoes. Or, well you get the picture! Oh and I am really trying to think about the cohesiveness of my photos :)

Rather pleased with this bit of photo editing - who says the camera never lies? No-one any more!




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