Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Green Smoothie Challenge

With Ella's complex needs, being a foster carer and trying to establish several businesses I have been thinking about my health. I've already had 2 operations this year and have another lined up for October or November; and I'll be no good to anyone if I end up depleted and ineffective. So after the success of the Whole 30 in January I was ready to try something else and read about the Green Smoothie Challenge. I admit I was totally dubious initially, I mean kale and spinach in drinks?? Seriously?

But I decided in for a penny in for a pound and the first thing I did was buy a NutriBullett (and O.M.G., it is every bit as awesome as the adverts suggest!). You don't need to, but it had been on our wish list for a while, so went for it.

Then I read through all the information. Initially I thought, 'Eek! That's a lot of paperwork!' but it's actually very easy to read, lots of pictures and white space.

Finally was the shopping. There is a shopping list provided so it's quick and easy. Went all out and even got the extras like Maca and Spirilina. As a vegetarian I felt any boost to my system had to be a good thing! They are expensive, but the quantities needed are small, so they will last months. Plus there's always offers on if you're a canny shopper like we have to be :)

And now we're on to the smoothies and back to my doubts - which were totally unfounded! The recipes are sent every morning and I've enjoyed all 3 so far! Okay, so they don't always look appealing, but if you ignore the colour, they taste great. I've 7 recipes still to go, but I'm confident that I'll be continuing it long after the 10 day challenge is up :)

If you want to know more then please click on the logo which will take you to the website :)


  1. If it can make kale taste good, I might try a green smoothie.

    1. Give it a try Alex, you honestly can't taste the kale :)

  2. I threw some kale into a smoothie just to see and I honestly couldn't taste it with the yogurt and fruit. It was green, but didn't taste bad.

    1. That's great! We found a recipe to use Romaine lettuce - that was the first green smoothie that I didn't enjoy - even the spinach you can't taste :)


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