Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Green Smoothie Challenge

On my post here I announced I was trying the 10 Day Green Smoothie Challenge. My reasoning behind it was that because of the life I lead, any boost I can give to my system has to be worth a shot. (With Ella's complex needs; being a foster carer to children who also have individual needs; and trying to establish several businesses I have been thinking about my health. I've already had 2 operations this year and have another lined up for October or November; and I'll be no good to anyone if I end up depleted and ineffective) 

So I've now completed the 10 days. How do I feel? Actually pretty good :) One of our fosterlings has had a taste daily and has given every day a thumbs up - no mean feat for a fourteen year old when you think the drinks main ingredients are fruit and veg :) I didn't just have one at breakfast time every day, our lives are rarely routine enough. Most days were either breakfast or lunch, but one I had for dinner - and wasn't hungry :) I feel healthier, but I didn't do any measuring/weighing - while Jeff is away I tend to eat too much garbage in the evenings as a comfort thing. So am thinking of repeating the whole ten days when Jeff is back (and after my girls weekend!).

I wholeheartedly recommend giving the 10 Day Green Smoothie Challenge a go and the link is on the logo right here .......


  1. Years ago McDonalds used to offer a green McShamrock shake at St Pat's Day time. Kids loved it. Tell your fosterlings it's a McShamrock shake and they'll get over the green colour. lol


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