Saturday, October 29, 2016

October 31st

No fireworks again for us :( I love them, but Ella, and one of the fosterlings, would have just had meltdowns from the noise so quiet evening in watching other people's through the windows!

Haven't got a photo of Ella with her pumpkin as she made hers at school - 2 weeks early (note: do not freeze carved pumpkins, they do not thaw well lol!)

But a lovely photo of fosterling carving his pumpkin :)
Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Quiet morning post-op healing and recovering. As always Jeff is being a superstar - I honestly don't know how I would have coped the last 3.5 years without him. I suppose I should keep him around a little longer ;)
Monday, October 24, 2016

Football Watching

In 1995 our Joe was 4 and Joshua was only 3 when they started to go to Sunday football, 21 years ago. Then Benjamin joined in as soon as he was old enough. Since then we must have stood by a pitch thousands of times in the sun, rain, blistering heat, torrential rain. Have sat in pop-up tents, have balls hit me in the face (don't think it was intentional lol!) and was once awarded at their annual presentations the dubious honour of the loudest mum - no, I didn't care :)

And here we are in 2016, with one of the fosterlings, by the side of the pitch. Are we bored of it yet? absolutely not! In fact, when this one's training finishes Jeff rushes off to watch the older fosterling in his football match!
Sunday, October 23, 2016

Another Operation!

My third operation since May. You'd think I'd be a bit more relaxed about the process by now, but no. When I went for my pre-op check on Wednesday my BP was 189/114 - seriously!!! So lots of readings between then and Friday, all of which were absolutely fine, and then back at the hospital on Friday it went sky high again. Definitely a case of White Coat Syndrome :)

So this one was again relating to my accident, more work on my foot. Let's hope this one will give me the movement to walk on the beach - rocks - cobblestones again without giving up cos of pain and swelling.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Girls Weekend Part 4

Friends. Chocolate. Hot tub. Swimming pool. Good food. Cider. Sweets. Games. More chocolate. Perfect weekend as always :)
Sunday, October 09, 2016

Girls Weekend Part 3

My favourite smell ever is wood burning. But it has to be the right wood LOL! I think it takes me back to childhood. Every home we had when I was growing up had a real fire. Dad would burn garden rubbish in the - yes garden :) And whenever we went to Italy we'd drive the whole length of Italy to burning wood. So you can imagine my delight when the home we had rented for the weekend had a real fire :)

Saturday, October 08, 2016

Girls Weekend Part 2

As well as that quaint coffee shop I also found a perfect Italian restaurant! It is a small family run business. Just loved hearing the mamma telling her (grown) children off and hurrying them along - all in Italian of course. There's something about the Italian language that just makes me smile. So, friendly family business, they didn't rush us, and the food was yummy. But for me what made it perfect was that they had bucatini spaghetti, which you don't find in the supermarkets round here, and it's my absolute favourite pasta :) So again, if you're in Ringwood I would thoroughly recommend Lovitaly :)

Friday, October 07, 2016

Girls Weekend Part 1

Regular readers will know that once a year, always the beginning of October, I go away with the best group of girlfriends a person can have :) As always, by this time of the year I am really ready for it! After not even getting a day at the beach this year I needed a break.

On the Friday morning Lou and I made our way down to Ringwood and were the first to arrive so a stroll around the shops was in order. We ended up at a little coffee shop that looked like it had paused in the 1950's. Decided to treat myself to a cream tea. Wow! Well you've seen the picture by now, and it tasted as good as it looked. If you're in the UK, and in Ringwood, then I can recommend a visit to Jacquelines.