Monday, October 24, 2016

Football Watching

In 1995 our Joe was 4 and Joshua was only 3 when they started to go to Sunday football, 21 years ago. Then Benjamin joined in as soon as he was old enough. Since then we must have stood by a pitch thousands of times in the sun, rain, blistering heat, torrential rain. Have sat in pop-up tents, have balls hit me in the face (don't think it was intentional lol!) and was once awarded at their annual presentations the dubious honour of the loudest mum - no, I didn't care :)

And here we are in 2016, with one of the fosterlings, by the side of the pitch. Are we bored of it yet? absolutely not! In fact, when this one's training finishes Jeff rushes off to watch the older fosterling in his football match!


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