Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Hilton Garden Inn

Penultimate Episode :)

Jeff booked this hotel as according to the information we recieved it was quite close to the Stadium of Light (Sunderland Football Clubs home pitch). Understatement of the year! Took me longer to walk into the hotel and up to 2 flights of stairs to our room than it did to leave the hotel and be at the stadium! And, to complete it for Jeff, hotel cars are parked in the stadium car park. Can you see how close he parked - think he was in football heaven lol!

The hotel is lovely, modern and fresh - but then it is new so would have been surprised if it had been anything less than spot on. We had a safe in the room, but it didn't unlock so we had a word with front of house. By the time we got back from a stroll they had fixed it.The same employees suggested somewhere to eat on the Friday - the Italian Kitchen - so we all know by know what a success that was :) Taxi's. How to get somewhere. Nothing was too much trouble, Hilton should be proud of them. On the Sunday I was trying to buy a sneaky Christmas present for Jeff. They willingly went along with the subterfuge, even to the point of offering to post it out at no extra cost as they were having trouble finding it.

Will definitely be back next time we're up for a match :)


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