Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Little Chef and Italian Kitchen

Our whole two days started with a 5 hour drive. Jeff suggested we stop at a Little Chef - he knows me so well! I worked at the boarded up Little Chef when I was 15 for about 3 years. This was back in the dark ages when teenagers were allowed to work while they were at school and college. I have so many happy memories of this place, some fantastic, some heartbreaking and a lot in between. Dale. Kezzy. Lynda. The 2 managers running off to Italy together with their children - 3 girls each! Major drama for a 16 year old! Losing a special ring and finding it months later at the bottom of the incinerator. Drawing lots as to who got to clean the men's toilets (only when all girls were on - we didn't touch that area when the boys were on duty LOL!) Being told I should have won Miss Little Chef South but couldn't because I worked at the LC attached to the Head Office. And 101 other memories.
Part of this Little Chef address is Black Cat Roundabout, which is so cool when you think we were heading up to watch Sunderland, who's mascot is a black cat :) Lovely staff, had a good laugh with them. The menu is what it is, one of the pluses of a LC is that you always get what you expect. For me griddled eggs and jubilee pancakes every time......... although not together ;)

We had intentions of getting up to Sunderland about 3, go shopping in Newcastle or sightseeing in Durham. But the traffic was not on our side and by the time we got there, registered with the hotel, and unpacked, it was nearly 7pm. So the obvious choice was more food. and we were recommended Italian Kitchen on Thompson Road, Sunderland. We were squeezed in at 7.30 - and I really do mean squeezed, it was heaving. In spite of how busy the staff all were, they were very professional, friendly and the food was prompt. We had 3 courses and couldn't fault any of them. The pasta was so light, and the sugo almost perfect (well, let's me honest, no-one will ever make it as good as my Nonna!) If you ever end up in Sunderland I would suggest a visit, you won't be disappointed :)


  1. Sounds like a great start to your little getaway!

    1. Really was - lovely food and no washing up :)


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