Monday, November 21, 2016

Time Away?

Part 1 ....... For the first time in 15 years Jeff and me had 2 nights away just the 2 of us. We both love Ella dearly, but most couples by our age and/or having kids over 17 are enjoying whole holidays together. We don't get that luxury, and most of the time that's fine, but just sometimes it makes me a bit, I suppose, jealous, which I know isn't a pretty thing but it is what it is. So this post is a huge, huge, huge shout out to Lynn, Don and Amy for giving us the opportunity to spend some time together.

If you're new to my blog, the following posts will give you a picture of our complex Ella:
E is for Ella, Having a Holiday with a SN Child, Respite? Don't make me laugh and Social Services, School, Sleep, Sadness


  1. Glad you two had a chance to get away!

    1. It was lovely - don't think I want to wait another 15 years though! x


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