Friday, November 18, 2016

Water water everywhere....

...And not a drop to drink!
Not how we planned to spend the last few days!
Saturday - came home after a busy day. Took younger children upstairs to change into pyjamas. As we walked under the stairwell Jeff felt a drip, then we realised there was a lot more than just one drip. Initially not worried as it wouldn't be the first leaking pipe Jeff had repaired. On inspection it was the tank. Cue start of hassle. Jeff cuts a hole in the stairwell to release water. Now worries it's so damp that the tank might fall through the ceiling. Turned water off. Phoned insurers. Explained situation re Ellas complex needs and fosterlings. Noted as a priority. This was about 6pm. Phoned OOH for the fosterlings. Start looking at emergency respite just in case. Phoned insurers at 9.30pm again. Half hour wait on the phone. Told yes we are still a priority. Phone OOH and say let's not worry tonight, we'll cope.
Sunday - 2.30am the emergency priority plumber arrives. Agreed it is the tank. Said putting the hole in the ceiling was the right thing to do. And he couldn't do anything different! So glad we stayed up till 3 in the morning to find that out! In the morning phoned OOH again, agreed fosterlings will need temporary homes, but Monday would be okay. Jeff went to the launderette to get all the school uniforms washed. Took all the kids round to mums in the afternoon for showers then The Old Manor for dinner (so not all bad!)
Monday - Between plumbers and sorting children, didn't stop till 10pm. No water, hot or cold, in the house at all. So no showers, washing machines, cups of tea or even flushing the toilet.
Tuesday - Jeff had thought we should have the boiler changed as well as it is only time until that goes and that a combo boiler is the way forward. I agreed until we found out it was going to set us back best part of 4K
Wednesday- my hero finally empties the tank through siphoning as the tank has no tap! Then diverts all the pipes, rejoins and we have running water, little things :) Couple of gas filled heaters and the house is warm too:)
Thursday - every attempt Jeff has made to find a replacement tank was a 2 week wait :( Then he struck lucky and found a company that had had a cancelled order - yay! Hot water and central heating here we come!


  1. What a hassle! And you had to do most of it yourself. No fun. Glad you found a tank.
    Hope you still manage to have a good Thanksgiving.

    1. They don't celebrate Thanksgiving in England. :)

    2. It was a pain for Jeff to do it - took days in between everything else we have to do - but meant it 'only' cost £1000 for the tank and pipes rather than £2000 if we'd had to get plumbers in!

  2. Oh wow what a mess! Literally!!!!!!! I hope it's all sorted out soon!

  3. I just had to replace my water heater. Fortunately it was in the garage where there's a concrete floor, so we didn't have any damage. Still, it was a pain to have to buy a new one and have it replaced. You definitely had a bigger mess on your hands. I hope everything goes well for you.

    1. Thanks John! Yes the extra mess is a pain, but still, for both of us, having a replacement tank is a nuisance!


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