Sunday, November 06, 2016

Always Keep Fighting

You're only as happy as your unhappiest child'. I had never heard this expression, but I completely relate to it.

I'm not a great sweatshirt lover, if I really need one, then I just borrow one of Jeffs. But this one has been designed for the Winchester brothers in Supernatural, so that alone makes it more interesting. The clincher though was #always keep fighting. One of the stars, Jared Padalecki, is drop dead gorgeous, has a beautiful wife and children, and yet suffers from depression . You never know who or when this bas***d illness is going to strike. Apparently some of the proceeds of this sweatshirt is going to charity, so I'm now the proud owner :)

The first photo is what's on the sweatshirt; the second is info for anyone that doesn't understand mental health illnesses; and the last is if you're in that zone right now, a few positive words for you xx


  1. That's cool some of the money goes to charity.

    1. I thought so, was what swung my decision to get it :) x


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