Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Day

Christmas was a mixed bag this year.

It was the first year we didn't have any of the 3 boys home for Christmas. I always knew that this day would come. We have brought up strong, independent children, and I wouldn't want it any other way. But still, as a Mum, I'm allowed to be selfish one day a year and miss them :(

And I cannot shift this hacking cough following on from all the coughs and colds we've had in the house the past few weeks.

But they were the only negatives :)

My brother and his family were over from France for the first Christmas in, I think, 8 years, so it was lovely.

Daniel and Shona popped round in the evening.

Because of the young fosterlings this year we got to see Christmas and all the excitement through the eyes of children again. Santa's footprints, leaving out milk and mince pies for him; and having the stockings put by the fireplace (instead of by the boys beds!)

And Nanny Saps (Jeff's mum) rosebush at the crematorium has been replaced for one that actually has leaves! Maybe in 2017 we'll finally get roses after17 years.

We bought Robert and his family a board game called 'Best of British'. Jeff and I won. But think we would have been dead embarrassed if we hadn't seeing as Robert, Jane, and the kids have lived in France for about 16 years! Sean was actually born in France, so getting a question about English nursery rhymes did seem a bit unfair LOL!

We also played Cranium - love that game - not sure everyone else did though :)

Dad and Sandra came up Boxing Day and Robert and co. came back so that was a lovely bonus. Love having a full house :) I must admit I thought Dad would have turned back - the journey from theirs to ours on an average run takes 1.5 hours ...... took them 4 hours!!!


  1. Seems you love your family a lot. But we miss this love and care most when our siblings are away and we cannot get a chance to meet them for long.


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