Friday, December 16, 2016

Poundland! (amd B&M)

Christmas - I love Christmas. Being brought up in the Italian Catholic tradition you can imagine we always did Christmas big, and it's something I've never grown out of.

Once of the traditions is a stocking that Father Christmas brings. We always felt uncomfortable that good old Santa could buy one family a colouring book and pens and yet another family a toy electric car! That's just us mind, each to his own.

In the early years it wasn't a big feat, 5 small boys, could always find plenty to go in them. However, as time goes on the stocking pile has grown - and grown - and grown! This year we have .........
Five sons aged between 31 and 21;
Five potential daughter in laws between 26 and under
Our Ella - 18 -  with her complex needs and limited likes!
And a 14 year old and 8 year old fosterlings!
13!! Jeff and me have agreed if and when grandchildren come along the older ones will have to forfeit their stockings - otherwise we'll have to start collecting for them December 26th each year LOL!


  1. I bet you have to start shopping in January!!!!!

  2. I love a big Christmas too. And this year (at the grand old age of 30) will be my first year without a stocking.


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