Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Presents !

Jeff and I usually buy each other something we need and not expensive. I mean when you have been together 26 years you sort of have enough of what you need. But this year has been a tough year so we decided to spoil each other a bit. As well as a few small bits I bought him a model car kit (eternal kid lol!) and a limited edition Sekonda watch made for Sunderland Athletic Football Club. His face was a picture and I can now update the post about the Garden Inn hotel we stayed at in November for their help in buying this without Jeff realising!

These are mine from Jeff .......

I love fountain pens, but have always had ones for a couple of quid, and a few Parker pens. But this Cross ink pen makes handwriting fun! The ink just glides across the page. So sometimes it is worth paying more (or getting your husband to pay more lol!). I have been advised though to use Cross original ink cartridges as cheaper ones will clog up the nib - small price to pay :)

The Hunger Games DVD collection - just YAY!
The tooth brush was something I actually needed, but when monies tight, and it can double up as a Christmas present, then that is what's going to happen. Likewise the Spiralizer. I have a good manual one, but this was in the sale and has got to make life easier - yes back to healthy eating in the new year. See, I'm not ashamed that one of my pressies were in the sales! (Maybe all of them were ..... still not bothered).
And the books! Result :) A complete mixture (and one that wasn't actually a Christmas present but it's sitting nicely with the others).


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