Sunday, January 22, 2017

When you're unhappy with your GP

We have had a few tough weeks with Ella, which I touched on briefly a couple of weeks ago. It reached a 'point of no return'

I took her to our practice, to meet her new doctor. Well, chocolate and teapot springs to mind.
She didn't listen.
She didn't read my diary notes
Save for taking her pulse and temperature she did not examine Ella at all.

She watched a 2 min clip of Ella losing the plot and smiled! Her only concern was whether the baby was real, Cos like, most mums in that situation would leave a baby in the middle of the melee,
People with learning difficulties have a higher probability of having mental health issues but she didn't suggested a referral to CAMHS.
When asked for symptoms I advised she says she has pains in the tummy, often in her chest, and head. She didn't check those areas. And, no, she's not eating well at the moment. A quick Google search when I got home suggested hypoglaecemia/diabetic rage
Didn't give any thought to the new tablets Ella had been prescribed.
I got the distinct impression she thought I was a mum who had no idea how to control her child.

She said she would contact her social worker and that was it. Said goodbye and turned back to the computer. I felt like I had just had a bad appraisal and been dismissed. It was like she had decided the issue was me. She had video and written evidence, a mum in tears and a child saying she didn't want to go home and she felt it appropriate to send us home, with not even a follow-up! My Mum commented for all we know she could have a brain tumour (ok, unlikely) - but she didn't look any further than it was just a behavioural problem.

Now. I have since heard from 3 people that the new tablets are well known for causing rages and all 3 had had their childrens medication changed. I had pointed out the medication change to the doctor, but I think by then she had already made her opinion of me.

Once I had calmed down I penned a very strong letter to the Practice Manager. Ella now has a different GP and the surgery are looking into my complaint. Never stand by and allow anyone to make you feel inferior (well she did, but not for long!); and never let anyone question your own beliefs.

Watch this space!


  1. Good for you for advocating for yourself and Ella! These doctors nowadays are so dismissive.


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