Tuesday, February 28, 2017

February, hot chocolate, fostering, valentine's day

Well, okay (a) so far and (b) in my opinion, cos we all know taste is subjective - thinking of Coke v Pepsi as a good example.

This hot chocolate stick was given to me by a lovely lady I do some work for. Actually she gave it to me before Christmas but I was saving it for an evening when I could really enjoy it, you know, book, blanket and curling up. Actually, that says a lot about me, most people would be saving a bottle of wine of champagne, I save hot chocolate LOL!

As most readers know we have an eclectic family. At the moment there's me and Jeff, Ella who we adopted and has complex special needs, and 2 fosterlings. So what happens on a special occasion like Valentines Day? Take them with you! So much easier than trying to find a babysitter, and actually a nice memory for the children. We doubled this up with it being one of the fosterling's last couple of days with us. Went to the local Weatherspoons, the one that I spent a lot of time in when I was pre-school age as Dad had the cleaning contract for it. And you know what, yes it would be wonderful to have some 'alone time' with Jeff, but it was just as nice going out all together :)

So, the fosterling leaving was the youngest so far to spend a substantial amount of time with us so we had made a point of creating him a memory box. There was a complete mixture - school reports, football certificates, special gifts from his family.

From us we chose a few things that would mean something:
A Mr Bean nodding toy (loved Mr Bean and loved Ella's nodding flowers);
A teddy that we had bought him at the same time we got Ella one; and a Christmas tree decoration of a squirrel, as we have squirrels in our garden every day :)

Added to that was a photo album - and you know I'm a scrapbooker so it wasn't just photo's, but you'll have to take my word for that as cannot share. And finally, at the back of the album, a letter to him from us. It's so important to do something like this so children do not have big chunks of missing information.

Sunday, February 05, 2017

SEN Magazine

Last month I was so pleased to have an article in the SEN Magazine. And I'm just thinking that, with the majority of the post being about Ella's meltdown that it might have slipped through the net. So here it is again - me in print :)

I surprised myself with how easy it flowed. I wasn't sure I would be able to think of a topic, but came to me almost straight away. Best bit was a friend who said she was reading the article and then realised it was written by me :)