Friday, March 31, 2017

March - what else?

March seemed to come and go while I was still saying goodbye to February!

Joshua and Benjamin came home for 10 days, and Ben's girlfriend also flew over. Love her already :)
We had a foster teen that broke our record and stayed a whole ....... 2 hours! I know we're odd, but didn't think we were that bad!
But in her place we have had two arrive, and they're still with us. So full house again!
Ella's dental work
And the holiday which I've covered in the last 5 posts!
Ascot wedding show
Ella had some visits at the adult respite facilities - she's not keen on the fact she'll be staying overnight LOL!
Ella's school production
Joshua had an appointment in Yorkshire for a Bone Density Scan and to see his specialist
Updated my facebook cover seeing it was a few years old and a bit out of date
Joe and Kerry got engaged!!!! Love her too :)
And with all the routine contact sessions, LAC medicals, doctors, dentists, etc, well, I sort of see where the month went!

Cornwall Part 5 - The last bits!

Quick post finishing off the trip to Cornwall. Some of my favourite shots of the week :)
Thursday, March 30, 2017

Cornwall Part 4 - Godrevy Beach and Cafe

A trip to another beach, this time Godrevy Beach and then the National Trust cafe next to the beach, Godrevy Cafe. Wish we had brought wellies as could have been tempted to walk around the coast again to try and find those elusive 100 seals!
Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Cornwall Part 3 - St Ives

While the youngsters were busy doing some college work that needed completing, Jeff, Ella, me and the fosterling went to St Ives for the day. We took a little train, wandered around the bay, had fish and chips - cos of course by the seaside what else are you going to have LOL! - and finished off with a stroll along the shops. I thought it was very quaint. Jeff thought it was all overpriced with doggy poo everywhere (sadly he was actually right!). Think we wore the baby out!

Again, fave photos of the day:


Monday, March 27, 2017

Cornwall Part 2 - Gwithian Beach

On the first full day we went to Gwithian Beach hoping to spot around 100 grey seals. Ben and Alex saw 2, but that was it LOL!

The beach was lovely, but the wind was very bitter and both Ella and the fosterling hated it - it was whipping up the sand.

Nevertheless it was lovely to go to the seaside as we never got to spend anytime by the beach last year.

A few of my fave photos from Gwithian Beach:

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Cornwall, Part 1 - Poltair Holiday Barn

I booked a weeks holiday for all the family for the last week in March. Decided to blow some of the compensation money on an extravagant holiday. Unfortunately Joe and Kerrie couldn't join us as Kerrie wasn't able to get time off because of her new job, bummer but can't afford to upset hew new boss! Jeff's boys also didn't make it. But those of us that went had a blast!

So, this is where we stayed, it was amazing! The house and grounds were amazing, felt totally pampered. Not relaxed mind, Ella decided sleep was overrated, but not going to dwell on the negatives.

Follow this link if you want to see more, it's worth the click :)

This was in the garden - a barbeque lodge! So the food itself didn't taste a whole lot different, but just the experience of sitting in the lodge made me feel like we were living in a roundhouse!
There was also a hot tub in the garden, an enclosed play area, a sun room and just a lovely cared for looked after garden :)
Inside the property was just as lush :)
Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Dentist - Dental Work and Special Needs

Our poor babe had to have major dental work under a general anaesthetic :( Over the years she has point blank refused to let us clean her teeth. And anyone with a child with complex special needs will know, if you try and get them to do something they don't want to, you are just wasting your time.You either can't get the toothbrush in, or you can't get it back out.

We've tried baby toothbrushes, electric, even ones that sing music when it's in your mouth - yes, there is such a thing! Toothpastes that were minty, strawberry, blackcurrant, and bubblegum flavour! Mouthwashes were just an out and out no-no! Can't blame her on that one, but we were desperate.

After many years we've found a brush that she will use and unflavoured toothpaste. But sadly the damage was done.

So on 1st March we had to take her for her operation - 6 extractions and 3 big fillings :( She was not impressed, can't blame her! During the healing process she developed a couple of infections. The whole experience put her out of action for a week :(