Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Dentist - Dental Work and Special Needs

Our poor babe had to have major dental work under a general anaesthetic :( Over the years she has point blank refused to let us clean her teeth. And anyone with a child with complex special needs will know, if you try and get them to do something they don't want to, you are just wasting your time.You either can't get the toothbrush in, or you can't get it back out.

We've tried baby toothbrushes, electric, even ones that sing music when it's in your mouth - yes, there is such a thing! Toothpastes that were minty, strawberry, blackcurrant, and bubblegum flavour! Mouthwashes were just an out and out no-no! Can't blame her on that one, but we were desperate.

After many years we've found a brush that she will use and unflavoured toothpaste. But sadly the damage was done.

So on 1st March we had to take her for her operation - 6 extractions and 3 big fillings :( She was not impressed, can't blame her! During the healing process she developed a couple of infections. The whole experience put her out of action for a week :(


  1. Oh man poor Ella. I hope she's feeling better. One tooth extraction is hard enough, nevermind 6 and three fillings!!

    1. She's fine now, thanks JoJo. Just trying to ensure she doesn't lose any more :(


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