Sunday, April 30, 2017

April - What else?

April swung past almost as quickly as March - and Feb - and Jan! Cannot believe we're a third of the way through this year. It really is true, the older you get, the quicker the years go.
Josh had his operation
Trip to Heathrow to say goodbye to boys :(
We had a new boiler put in, about time too, the old one was here when we moved into the house, 21 years ago! Wasn't even replaced when we had the huge extension (and did not want a repeat of last November when the immersion tank burst!)
Ella has had 2 sleeps at respite
1 visit from our SSW
I visit from N's HV
Took an old fosterling to the cinema - watched Boss Baby - too bloody funny!
Didn't take part in the A-Z, first time in 5 years. Did A but I wasn't organised - will save the topic, and the A post for next year :)
1 allegation - false of course!
2 foster carer meetings
1 Mencap meeting
5 doctors/hospital appointments
1 visit to A&E
13 lots of taking and collecting from contact
Jeff went to 2 car meets
Meeting with an organisation to try and sort extra respite for Ella
Still have 3 fosterlings and Ella (of course!)


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