Friday, April 07, 2017

Jamie's Italian in Reading

We had to go to Reading today, needed to get the fosterling some clothes - being a baby she is outgrowing her clothes every few months! So off to Primark we went. And I still don't know how I spent so much, everything is so cheap LOL! Photograph another day, then you can see where I spent so much - but hey, she'll look lovely all summer so who cares ...... (well, Jeff might when he sees the receipt).

After shopping we went to Jamie's Italian. It's the first time we've tried it. Couldn't knock the service. Our starters were nice, but the main courses, well I wasn't wowed by mine, it was okay. But Ella's picnic did have the wow factor. I flinched at over six quid for a kids picnic, but when it arrived you can see why. And big tick for me was that all the grapes and cherry tomatoes were cut length ways, so important to prevent children choking.


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